Author: Anthony Ross

Episode #7 – Dr Nat Kringoudis – Dr Chinese Medicine & Natural Fertility Expert

Dr Nat Kringoudis is a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncturist, natural fertility expert and specialises in women’s health. Nat and I had a fantastic conversation covering the importance of nutrition, gut health, stress and how it relates to fertility, the pill, contraception, PMS, sperm health and much much more!

Episode #6 – Dr David Collard – Archaeologist

In this episode, I chat with Dr David Collard, an archaeologist whose research covered altered states of consciousness and its relationship to rituals and religion in the late Bronze Age Cyprus. In this episode, David an I chat about all things archaeology, altered states of consciousness, psychoactive compounds and how this ties into rituals and religious contexts.

Episode #4 – Tim Wilson – Federal Politician

In this episode, I chat with Federal Politician, Tim Wilson. Representing the electorate of Goldstein, we go through his background prior to entering politics and his experience serving as the Human Rights Commissioner. On the political front, we cover all things marriage equality, freedom of speech, taxation and current state of the economy.

Episode #3 – Rocco Oppedisano – Australian Bodybuilding Legend

In this 2 part episode, I chat with Australian Bodybuilding Legend, Rocco Oppedisano. Long list of accomplishments include: winning numerous titles (Mr Australia, Mr New York, Mr Australasia), founding the first professional bodybuilding organisation in Australia, running the first women’s competition, starting Australia’s first muscle magazine, publishing 117 books, owning 3 gyms and building the country’s second biggest supplement company.

Facebook – The Necessary Evil…

I received this notification in my timeline today regarding Facebook’s facial recognition technology and was deeply concerned! Facebook, you’re starting to play the hand of god and freak the hell out of people!! While the concept of facial recognition isn’t something new, this is a technology that needs to be approached with caution as we […]

Apple admits to slowing iPhone speeds!

Remember when a few days ago (20/12/2017), the technology conglomerate, Apple, admitted to intentionally slowing down older iPhones?! It turns out as the battery’s age, Apple’s iOS software intentionally slows down hardware components in the interest of ‘preserving’ the electronic circuitry. The cat was finally let out of the bag when speculation on the social […]

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