Modern society generally tells us that turning 30 is something to dread, as if it were a turning point in one’s life, symbolising a ticket to the game of adulthood. Reaching that milestone several months ago, I’ve had time to reflect on where I am today, and some of the amazing experiences I’ve been fortunate […]

To the curious mind… I was in a pensive mood today and came across this video of a chimpanzee using a stick to attack and take down a flying drone. This got me thinking deeper about a number of topics, particularly in relation to the complexity and intelligence of our closest living relatives, who we […]

I received this notification in my timeline today regarding Facebook’s facial recognition technology and was deeply concerned! Facebook, you’re starting to play the hand of god and freak the hell out of people!! While the concept of facial recognition isn’t something new, this is a technology that needs to be approached with caution as we […]

To sniff, or not to sniff Rosemary – that is the question! This play on words originating from William Shakespeare’s, Hamlet, isn’t the only one liner worth remembering! There’s another somewhat forgotten line in Hamlet which may change the way we view the evergreen herb rosemary; “There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance” (Hamlet, Act IV, Scene […]

Remember when a few days ago (20/12/2017), the technology conglomerate, Apple, admitted to intentionally slowing down older iPhones?! It turns out as the battery’s age, Apple’s iOS software intentionally slows down hardware components in the interest of ‘preserving’ the electronic circuitry. The cat was finally let out of the bag when speculation on the social […]