If I had to describe myself in one word, it would be CURIOUS!

Whether it’s exploring the depths of an arcane subject, traveling the world, meeting new people, making kombucha or questioning the very existence of our reality, I’m on a quest for greater understanding. The thrill of learning something new ignites my intellectual spark and it’s sharing this new found knowledge with others that really adds fuel to the fire.

Adding fuel to the intellectual fire, I host a podcast called ‘Feed My Mind’ with the intent of helping facilitate critical thinking, questioning the status quo and leading people on a journey of self discovery. 
In each episode, fascinating guests from all walks of life share their experiences and unique perspectives on a wide range of topics. 

With a long family history of cameras, I have a penchant for capturing and sharing experiences which has directed me towards the field of videography. It’s one of those things that effortlessly gets me in the ‘flow’ state where the concept of time seemingly becomes irrelevant. It feels like the snowball effect, the more I get into it, the bigger and more exciting it becomes.

One area I’m most passionate about is living optimally and helping others reach their full potential. For the past 15 years, Coaching and Personal Training has provided the opportunity to help thousands of individuals and groups improve their performance. My core philosophy for living optimally is to adopt a modern day approach that best replicates how our ancestors might have lived. Clean foods, sunlight, being amongst nature and moving often! 

If you have any questions, thoughts or feedback, I would really appreciate and be grateful to hear from you.

Email line is always open and look forward to hearing from you thatanthonyguy@gmail.com