Yet again, another tech giant fined for breach of privacy…

If there’s anything to be learned from the classic 90’s movie “Groundhog Day”, it’s the importance of reflection in changing your own behaviour and outlook for personal growth.

In what’s regularly becoming ‘yet another breach of trust’, Google has been fined $US170 million for
illegally collecting data on children younger than 13 who were watching toy videos and television shows on YouTube.

Time and time again, these tech giants are acting and behaving as if they’re above the law, begging for forgiveness when (and only IF) they’re caught out on their recidivist behaviour.

I’ll leave you to contemplate the response from a YouTube executive, which is perhaps the most hilarious and concerning part…

Article extract:
Susan Wojcicki, the chief executive of YouTube, said in a blog post on Wednesday the settlement would “better protect kids and families on YouTube,” adding: “We’ll continue working with lawmakers around the world in this area.”

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