Episode #11 – Dr Andrew Lemon – Osteopath & Entrepreneur

Episode #11 – Dr Andrew Lemon

Dr Andrew Lemon is an entrepreneurial Osteopath, starting the ‘Injury Rehab Clinic’ here in Melbourne, as well as co-founding ‘Movement Assessment Technologies’, which is now the number one educational provider in the world for evidence-based, objective movement assessment and rehabilitation. These educational tools have found their way across the globe and into some of the most prominent sporting organisations in the world, including the AFL, Socceroos, PGA Golf Tour, ATP, and Cirque Du Soleil to name a few.

We had an in depth discussion about the human body particularly from a holistic perspective, how it functions, understanding pain and it’s evolutionary response to threat, as well as the importance of psychological factors in helping clients thrive.

Follow Andrew:
Injury Rehab Centre: https://www.injuryrehab.com.au/
Movement Assessment Technologies: https://www.matassessment.com/

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