Episode #3 – Rocco Oppedisano – Australian Bodybuilding Legend

In this 2 part episode, I chat with Australian Bodybuilding Legend, Rocco Oppedisano. Long list of accomplishments include: winning numerous titles (Mr Australia, Mr New York, Mr Australasia), founding the first professional bodybuilding organisation in Australia, running the first women’s competition, starting Australia’s first muscle magazine, publishing 117 books, owning 3 gyms and building the country’s second biggest supplement company.

In Part 1, we cover his professional bodybuilding career and building an empire. We also explore the importance of mindset and the state of play in bodybuilding today, looking at the way it’s changed over the years, especially the physiques due to new drugs becoming available.

In Part 2, we deep dive into what it takes to build a strong body and the nutritional elements supporting that. We hear his personal recommendations to build a lean, strong body, as well as the importance of various food groups and having a dedicated mindset.

Rocco’s Books Available On eBay, search: Rocco Oppedisano

Full Episode – Part 1

Full Episode – Part 2